Friday, May 16, 2014

Returning to the Eyrie

Welcome back, Gentle Readers!  Sorry for the unconscionably long silence (No posts since January?  Really, Scott?).  Work continues on A GATHERING OF RAVENS; I'm not done, yet, but I'm getting there.

When last I posted, the book had stalled out at around 37K words.  Illness and depression had kept me from adding more to it, and the narrative was bogged down in the mud of Wessex.  You'll be pleased to know that I dug in my heels and slowly shoved and scrabbled my way free of the mire.  I finished Part Two, which includes some very eerie bits regarding a nature spirit that has possessed the body of a dead man and launched his own anti-pagan crusade in hopes of making himself right with God; I'm now in the middle of Part Three, in Ireland on the run up to the climatic Battle of Clontarf.  By conservative estimate, I'm about 20K words from writing THE END.

I will endeavor to keep you better informed, Gentle Readers.  I'm feeling better, and I'm back on track (behind, as usual, but at least I can see the end of the tunnel).

Words needed: approx. 90,000-100,000
Words written, to date: 69,487


Keith West said...

Good to have you back. I'm glad to hear that things have turned around for you.

Greg said...

Glad to hear things are moving forward again! Keep it up!

London Accountants Lady said...

Sorry to hear about your struggles Scott, but looking forward to hearing more from you when you're ready!