Saturday, September 24, 2005

Making Progress

This has been an excellent weekend for writing. I hit that point mentally where all the little voices in my head are replaced by one stentorian voice that has decided to shout "Holy @#$%! It's nearly October!" over and over. It's like being prodded by the Devil's pitchfork. So, in response, I've kept my nose to the keyboard this weekend, forsaking my usual round of stress-relieving Xbox to keep the momentum going. I only stopped tonight because my eyes decided to fog over.

Nights like this, I love my job ;)


Wynn Bexton said...

Good for you, Scott!
Check my blog after tomorrow as I have something special I'm going to try writing. You'll see!

I have been so distracted lately due to my currently upsetting situation but I realize that immersing myself back in my writing is probably the best diversion for me right now. So I'm hoping I can get back into it this weekend.

Excalibor said...

Well done, man... Anyway, don't fry your brain by hacking the keyboard too much, you need fresh air and feel the sun in your face from time to time...

But I understand you, just arrived from the town center, been writing on my draft, using grafitti 2 on my palm (I wasn't on the mood to get the folding keyboard out) and I got caught into the story that when I arrived I thought I had passed by! Lucky me it's an end-of-line station, hehehe... :-)

Cheers for Memnon! (and for your sanity! :-)